Random facts about Steve:

Favorite color:  yellow, but watch out yellow, blue is catching up

Favorite Bible story:  Oil of Nard (see Gospels)...close second is the last chapter of John (Peter do you love me?)

If I could pick my own nickname it would be T-Bone.  Beverly, my wife could be Lambchop.  Parker, my son could be called Halibut, and Kelly my daughter could be called Peach.  (do you see a pattern) 

Persons I most admire in my life:  This is not difficult choice at all.  It would have to be my father and mother.  I have great parents. They have taught me how to live and how to love. By the way,  I am their favorite child by far.  This is pretty unusual since I am a middle child. 

I have:   A great wife, two great kids, an amazing staff to work with each day, more blessings to count because of hanging with youth.

Need me?  my cell number is 832-741-9003, home is 281-752-7414.

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Educational Background
          Westchester High School
          Southwestern University in Georgetown
          South Texas College of Law (*drop out)
          St. Thomas University – Graduate School of Education (**drop out)
* Wasn’t sure I wanted to be a lawyer and was about to get married 
and I was sure I wanted to eat. So I got a job in construction.
** Thought it would be cool to teach high school when I got too old to be a youth director. Decided the class schedule cut too much into family time. Besides, I might not ever be too old to hang out with youth.
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Last meal if ever on death row - 
Ribeye steak cooked medium rare with lemon pepper
loaded baked tater
green bean salad
warm roll
ice tea with Refuge ice
chocolate pie
(I might have a second piece
of pie too.  I won't
exactly be worried
about my calorie intake
at this point.)
I realize that some of you
are wondering if I worry much about my
calorie intake right now. 
 Meet Cheesus
In the spring of 2003, I was walking through the youth workroom and I saw an open bag of cheetos on the conference table. I then did something that is so unlike me. I reached into the bag and grabbed a giant handful and began to stuff them into my piehole. There happened to be a cheeto that was larger than most and at first glance looked like a dog. I was raising it to my mouth when I noticed something.. I turned it over and saw an amazing thing. The cheeto looked remarkably like Jesus. This is not a joke. This picture doesn't do it justice but you can see how it looks like Jesus with outstretched arms. I admit it does look like He doesn't have any legs but don't focus on that. At first I called Him J Cheeto. Travis Foster corrected me one day. He said his name shall be Cheesus. It is a perfect name. It is in a case in my office. Come and see Him.

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